Odd HIBRID is a company that was founded in 2009 by Rakim Allah Winfert (Owner,CEO). Providing media coverage for concerts, panels, events and more; Capturing highlights with phenomenal recap videos and interviewing your special guest. Also brand management service, managing Raw Ruler Real Raww Radio / Podcast gathering local brands for interviews such Hypno Carlito, Tripz Traxxx, DoughFromDaGo, Cole Bennett, K Valentines, KD Young Cocky, I.L Will, LilChrisKTG & many more. Also putting his clients together for videography and photography. The goal is to promote other brands through our content and creativity; leading them to a successful path. The tagline “No Label To The Style” defines the creative mindset of the company. This platform has more to offer in the future with our community and people; This is just the beginning.